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Nike – Air Max Graffiti Stores

For the launching of their new Air Max collection, Nike in partnership with AKQA decided to release the new models in a different way: by transforming São Paulo’s famous graffiti arts into virtual stores.

In partnership with Instagrafite, biggest street art collection in Brazil, Nike invited the street artists, authors of some of the most iconic graffitis of São Paulo, to update their own existing characters with the new Air Max models. That combined with geolocation technology, the shoes were only available for purchase for those who were physically there, near the graffiti of those specific sneakers.

In this project, Webcore was responsible for combining geolocation to Nike’s e-commerce platform, guaranteeing that only those who were standing near the graffiti had access to the sneakers represented in that art piece.

This action was a big success not only for being extremely innovative but also for supporting street art and culture in the city of São Paulo, where many graffiti were erased not long ago by the ex-major, current state governor.

The Project won Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2019 in the category Media Lions.


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