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Make It Rain in SP

Thinking about the rich cultural mix present in São Paulo and the drought that has dried up the city, the Make It Rain SP project creates an interactive experience made of music, dance, visual arts and technology, that dialogues with our experience in the city. The invitation is so that each person, in his or her own way, moves their bodies as they can to call the water back to the city. Some things you cannot just sit and wait for!

How does it work?

The public is invited to do their own rain dance on a platform on the sidewalk in front of the headquarters building of Fiesp/Sesi-SP. There is a motion sensor in front of the stage. As the dance happens on stage, the sensor recognizes the movement and the interaction with the LED panel starts. The more the audience dances, the more rain will appear on the projected animation. Next to the platform, there is a speaker that plays songs of different rhythms and from different countries, talking about rain.

Project Credits

Screenplay e Direction
Bruna Pligher

Rafael Nascimento

Luiza Prata

Executive Production
Fernando Chamis

Art Assistance
Barbara Câmara