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Ícones by Chocobot – Nestlé

Great news for the chocolate lovers: now you can create your own personalized chocolate box with your favorite ones by Nestlé and Garoto! There are 18 types to choose from and not only you can choose each of the 15 chocolates to compose your box, it is made right on the moment by a sweet robot, called Chocobot. At the end you can also customize the box with a message and stickers.

In this project, in partnership with Nestlé, the company Pollux was responsible for developing the robot that customizes the chocolate box. Webcore contributed by developing the digital interface and the gamification in which the person chooses the chocolates and the message that will go in box.

The Chocobot is located in MorumbiShopping (São Paulo – SP), since August 17th and will stay there for an indefinite period.


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