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Free Fire SQUAD for LBFF

At Garena’s request, Webcore created FF SQUAD, a fantasy sport game for Free Fire fans that turns the experience of following the LBFF (Brazilian League of Free Fire) into an engaging and gamified experience.

In FF SQUAD players will need to assemble teams of five pro players and a coach to score during the match days. Depending on the actual performance of the pro players on those days, the player will receive more or less points. The more the player is aware of the events of the championship, the greater will be his chances to stand out in the overall ranking. The virtual coin value of pro players also varies depending on their performance in the real LBFF championship.

The game also features real pro player data so users have details about their favorite pro players’ performance over the past few weeks and make their best choices.

The game is now available to all Free Fire fans in Brazil on the official FF SQUAD website. If you’re curious, check it out at https://squad.ffesportsbr.com.br/ and participate.


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