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Rios Des.Cobertos Exhibition

Webcore in partnership with Estúdio Laborg and the Rios e Ruas developed the electronic model of the Rios Des.Cobertos project which presented to the public the extensive watershed of the city of São Paulo, almost entirely already hidden and covered by streets and avenues, through an interactive model.

The model had an interactive mapped projection and was structured in informative layers (among them, the rivers and bodies of water in the city, the sub and micro-basins, parks and squares with bodies of water and the urban area of São Paulo ), and offered the sensorial experience as a ludic tool to instigate visitors, giving autonomy in the acquisition of knowledge and freedom of choice of what one wants to discover.

The public could navigate through the installation in different ways: discovering the paths of the waters in the city of São Paulo, comparing the rivers that remain in the open with all those that run underground, identifying the consequences of this concealment of the watercourses, knowing the history of river rectifications and seeing the actions already underway for the rediscovery of these rivers.

The exhibition took place in several Sesc units.

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