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Dog Bots – Pedigree

In order to fill the Internet with kindness, Pedigree in partnership with AlmapBBDO, invited dogs available for adoption to be part of a special event. For one day, during Pedigree’s adoption fair, there was a keyboard on the floor designed specially for the dogs and they answered and interacted with negative messages on Twitter.

In this project, Webcore was responsible for developing the software that makes the keyboard work, using virtual reality tracking technology. There was a space where the dogs would play freely while wearing a VR tracker. That way, it was possible to track every dog according to their movements on top of the keyboard, creating custom messages with emojis written by each of the dogs.

We also built a moderation system where each administrator could see the negative messages found on twitter and choose which ones would be answered. When chosen, the system would pick a message written by one of the Dog Bots and would reply the tweet surprising them with a kind message full of emojis and a campaign’s gif.

During that day, more than 80 dogs were adopted! 🙂

Watch the video to learn more about the campaign!


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