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Code of Conscience

With the recent fires in the Amazon forest, it is evident that it is still very difficult to stop man from deforesting and destroying forests. With that in mind, the agency AKQA, in partnership with NGOs around the world, started a campaign that aims to stop, if not the men, at least the machines used in this destruction.

An open-source device called “Code of Conscience” that restricts the use of heavy machinery in protected forest areas such as the Amazon rainfores was launched. Code of Conscience uses direct mapping information from the United Nations Protected Areas Database, in conjunction with GPS data that is fitted to construction vehicles, to instantly prevent these machines from entering protected areas.

In this project, Webcore contributed with the production of the campaign website. Learn more about this initiative and how you can use this technology in order to collaborate with the end of the illegal deforestation:

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The project won Gold Lion in the Mobile category, Silver Lion in the Digital Craft and Creative Data categories and Bronze Lion in the Design and Mobile categories at Cannes Lions 2020/2021.