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Budweiser Lollapalooza – Slap the Tape

Webcore developed, in partnership with Africa agency, the website for the Slap the Tape campaign, by Budweiser, for the music festival Lollapalooza. The idea of the campaign was to celebrate Budweiser as the first brand to sponsor the Lollapalooza festival, in 1991, and bring a bit of nostalgia from the 90s with a common situation at the time: The cassette tape got stuck in the VHS.

The campaign gave 9 tickets for the show and all you had to do was enter the website and “slap” the video cassette to participate. After clicking a certain number of times, a message appeared on the screen saying whether or not the user had won the ticket. If awarded, the user would have to fill out a registration form to receive the ticket in the future.