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In celebration of Breaking being included in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, we launched our Breaking Game at the SESI-SP Digital Art Gallery.

Inspired by the game "Break Dance," a classic from the 80s, the installation also pays tribute to another moment from that decade: the beginning of the break movement in Brazil and its gatherings in downtown São Paulo.

The game's setting recreates iconic elements from the break scenes of that era, such as the façade of the Galeria 24 de Maio (also known as Galeria do Rock) and the São Bento subway station. The characters were developed based on photos of b-boys and b-girls who were part of this scene. And, of course, we couldn't miss the robot, referencing the famous "robot dance" created by the dancers.

The original soundtrack was created based on emblematic music from the time, including references to artists like Afrika Bambaataa and Herbie Hancock, capturing the characteristic sounds of break music.

The production was carried out by Webcore, and the artwork was created by artists Andrei Thomaz, Bruna Pligher, and Diego Sanches. The original soundtrack and sound effects were created by Janga.

Throughout February 2024, the video was displayed on the façade of the SESI-SP Digital Gallery, while the interactive version was available in the theater foyer, inviting the public to join this battle.


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Making of


Script and Direction
Bruna Pligher

Illustration, Animation, and Interface
Diego Sanches

Andrei Thomaz

Executive Production
Fernando Chamis 

Production Assistant
Flávia Luz 

Original Musical Composition

Sound Design
Flávio Pereira

Janga Executive Production
Tatiana Nascimento

Janga Production Coordination
Elaine Elias and Driika Moraes

Image Capture and Editing
Francesco Jr.