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Beck’s Frequency

In partnership with the AKQA agency, which was responsible for the design and layout, Webcore had the pleasure to develop the interactive Beck’s Frequency website. On the website, it’s possible to change the sound frequency to make the taste of any beer more bitter. Works like this:

• You get a beer that isn’t Beck’s
• Put on the headset and listen to the music on the bitter frequency for 10s
• Taste the beer, paying attention to the flavor
• Switch to Beck’s Frequency and listen to the music for another 10s
• And taste the beer again, paying attention to the bitter taste

The songs you listen to in this incredible experience include authorship by worldwide famous DJs, such as Vintage Culture, KVSH and BADSISTA.

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Gold Lion and Silver Lion in the Radio & Audio category at Cannes Lions 2020/2021. Clio awards 2022 bronze winner - Audio category.