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Amal and the most important journey of her life

“Amal, you must leave right away!”

That’s how the grandfather told the Syrian girl she needed to flee the country in order to escape the war. Alone (on her own). She was only 12.

And that’s how Amal’s journey starts, a refugee kid, crossing seas and (country) borders through endless days in hope that she will arrive safely in Italy and meet her uncle.

The project is a partnership between Webcore and Editora Caixote and the digital book is free of cost, available for download on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets!

The book tells a story that unfortunately repeats itself even to present days, the reality of children who travel unaccompanied in search for refuge. It has two versions: one is a free digital book, supported by UNCHR (UN Refugee Agency), that aims to spread awareness to as many people as possible; and the other one is a physical version of the book, made possible through PROAC SP, that can be purchased directly through Editora Caixote’s website.

The digital book is completely cost-free, however you can choose to pay any amount of money, if you want to. The revenue obtained makes it possible to expand the app to other languages and also add new narrations – besides the fact that 20% of the revenue will be directly donated to UNCHR.

The digital book contains:
• Text based on Carolina Montenegro’s story;
• Animations and visual narrative of Renato Moriconi;
• Versions of the story in Portuguese and English;
• Different narrations available, with distinct nationalities and accents.


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