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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality transports the individual to a fully immersive and interactive experience, with a degree of realism and technology only recently accessible - providing a powerful tool for various applications.

Experience Design
We create the experience design paying attention to every detail of the simulation to achieve the desired objectives with the best possible result, without forgetting the intended target audience.

User Comfort
Virtual reality is delivered to the user only through a fully comfortable experience, when the concept called "presence" is achieved. When presence is established, contrasts with the real world are no longer noticed - the strange becomes immersion.

To make this happen, various care must be taken in all design decisions. Not observing these points can generate physical discomfort, nausea, and frustrated attempts at interaction, ruining the experience.

Working all Senses
New VR devices available on the market have made it possible to achieve total immersion in another reality. But for immersion to happen, all senses must be observed - positional 3D sound and tactile feedback in various forms are essential - as well as possible explorations with smell and taste.

Depth X Scalability
Virtual reality experiences can be designed differently according to their need. Cutting-edge infrastructure, with customized solutions for tactile feedback and interaction, allows for great depth in the experience. Light and high-performance solutions allow reproducing the desired result directly on the user's device, such as simple smartphones with low-cost accessories that simulate a virtual reality headset (such as Google Cardboard, for example).

Realism, immersion, and performance
Virtual reality experiences require sophisticated teams and technologies to achieve the appropriate level of realism, immersion, and performance. Webcore has a unique, recognized, and award-winning history in the development of cutting-edge games - such as next-generation consoles - and brings all that legacy and expertise to the execution of your project.

Different Applications
Promotion of events, products, spaces, brands.
Training, engagement, communication.
Health, education, fashion, simulations, architecture, entertainment.

The experience can gain greater reach power through visualization on screens or the participation of other participants who, outside of virtual reality, interact with the user and integrate the experience.

Virtual reality experiences can be created for different platforms, from dedicated high-performance stations for events to users' own smartphones.

Other Gadgets
Motion sensors, wireless controllers, position trackers, tactile feedback devices, and even specific platforms built with robotics and microcontrollers ensure an enhancement of immersion and results. We work with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Steam VR, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Omni Virtuix, Sixense STEM, Razer Hydra, Kinect 2, Leap Motion, and platforms with 6 degrees of freedom for simulators - among other proprietary and partner solutions.

Complete Solution
We offer the entire design and development of the project, starting from the objectives to be achieved - as well as development based on specific briefing or integration with campaigns and actions. Design, Art, Development, and Content.

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