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Instagram Filters

Instagram filters have been around for a long time, since the classic dog ears, the retro lenses and even galaxy backgrounds, but to this day they are still one of the most used tools by the general public within the platform. According to recent released data during a Facebook event in October/2019, since the introduction of filters in the platforms, the number of people interacting with AR experiences on Facebook and Instagram have surpassed the mark of 1 billion. The creation of these filters, that used to be exclusive of Instagram itself, personal profiles and approved accounts, are now also within the reach of brands and companies.

It was announced on august 13th the approval of brand accounts in the creation of Instagram augmented reality filters. That being said, brands have gained a new resource on communicating with their audience, they can now develop and share their own filters in the platform, and it is also cost free.

The permission to create AR filters on Instagram was long awaited because, despite of it already being allowed on Facebook, the rate of users interacting with filters on Instagram are exponentially greater and more significant than on the other platform, meaning a bigger impact and engagement within the public. The possibility of creating branded filters is seen as a huge marketing opportunity, as for autonomous artists and also for brands and companies of any size, because on top of delivering a message and narrowing the distance between brand and consumer, the filters, above all, have a great potential of becoming viral when the content is unique and captivating.

Check out some examples of brands that have already adopted the new trend:

Disney Studios BR

The filter was created as a form of promotion for the Maleficent 2 movie, that is currently playing in movie theaters. When activated, the filter transforms the user into Maleficent, adding to their face the character’s iconic “horns” and also the strong makeup, bringing out the mouth, eyes and the prominent cheekbones.


There were created 8 filters for the brand’s Children’s Day campaign that, this year, focuses on promoting having fun with digital interactions. The filters add to the image cartoon styled elements from the campaign’s characters such as animals, mermaids, cute ghosts, and even fruits. In addition to that, there are also appearance modifiers that add other elements to the user’s face like unicorn horn and ears, sunglasses, mermaid scales, skull makeup and more.

Rock In Rio

The filter was created for the #ColoRiR campaign and it basically consists of making the picture black and white and adding colorful elements in augmented reality using the rainbow color scheme. There are 7 different options and among the elements the user can choose to wear sunglasses, colorful contact lenses, headbands, piercings and various makeup options.

Here at Webcore we have recently been working on the development of augmented reality filters for different brands. Check out some of them, which have already been published on Instagram:

Bradesco Seguros

The filter gives the user dog-ears, which respond to head movements, based on the dog Toppy, their brand mascot.

Authentic Feet and Nike

There are three filter options, with different designs and phrases, each representing a different shoe model.

Timo The Game

The filter has four design options with different visuals from the game: it adds to the user’s face elements such as the protagonist’s iconic hairstyle and also hats from other characters. In addition, the filter recognizes the people in the image and alters only the background changing it into the game’s thematic art.

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