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ArticlesFortnite: the revolutionary space for brands in the metaverse

Fortnite: the revolutionary space for brands in the metaverse

Fortnite, the gaming phenomenon that has captivated thousands of players, offers an incredible place for marketing initiatives within its metaverse. Discover how to explore the innovative opportunities this virtual universe provides for brands to connect your brand with the gaming community.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is one of the most popular and influential games of the present time, boasting an impressive player base of over 400 million people worldwide. The game is free to download and available on various platforms, including mobile phones, PC, and video game consoles.

Why create an experience in Fortnite?

By creating an experience in Fortnite, you will be immersing your brand in a connected and diverse community, bringing together players of different ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

In addition to the massive base of 400 million registered players, over 13 million hours are streamed weekly on the Twitch platform.

Having your brand at the center of a Fortnite experience means offering customers a huge stage to engage with your brand in an interactive and playful manner.

What can be created in Fortnite currently?

  • Creation of fully customized environments, allowing unique architecture and visuals;
  • The possibility of creating exclusive gameplay mechanics for your experience;
  • Creation of new animations (dances, gestures and other movements) that characters can perform within the experience;
  • Customization of the social aspect of the experience: you choose whether it's an action where players will interact alone or with a group.
  • Maintaining or disabling the combat mode, depending on your preference for the proposal.

Additionally, new possibilities and features are regularly added to the system!

Brands already part of Fortnite

Some projects created within Fortnite:

Case 1: Race to Wimbledon

The All England Lawn Tennis, organizer of the Wimbledon Tournament, created an experience where players journeyed through an enormous path to reach an imaginary-virtual version of the event's location.

Case 2: Arena Fanta

In this Coca-Cola Brazil project, players compete to see who can accumulate the most points in a large and chaotic arena, filled with surprises and obstacles.

Case 3: March Through Time

Time magazine organized a space where visitors could explore a gallery created to celebrate the work of Martin Luther King, where they could visit an exhibition with photos and archives and watch his famous speech in full video.

Case 4: Rift Tour ft. Ariana Grande

In this musical concept, players navigated through incredible environments while watching the digital version of Ariana Grande fly and perform her songs.

Case 5: Nike Airphoria

To promote the Air brand, Nike developed environments and characters that reference the brand and its products. In a city within Fortnite, players could engage in customized gameplay missions.

Case 6: RennerPlay

Renner Store developed its virtual presence by offering various attractions exclusively created for this experience. Among the available activities, ten minigames stand out, including challenges like "Avoid the Hot Floor," "Multicolored Corridors," and "Unstable Surfaces." The environment was carefully designed to accurately reflect a real Renner store. Additionally, throughout the virtual store, QR codes were strategically placed, redirecting visitors to different sections of the brand's e-commerce.

How Webcore can help you enter this universe

Webcore is a highly experienced and award-winning studio specialized in creating digital experiences for various brands and companies. We assist your agency or company in crafting personalized environments within Fortnite, from concept development to implementation on the platform using UEFN.

We recently launched our first game within Fortnite called Bridge Race! Check it out and play here: