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ArticlesCannes Lions 2023

Cannes Lions 2023

Webcore worked on two projects, both in collaboration with the agency SOKO, which earned prizes at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023. Explore the details of each project and discover the awarded categories.

Heinz Tattoo Ink

Recognizing the trend of fans tattooing their brand, often using red ink, Heinz decided to take action, giving rise to the "Heinz Tattoo Ink" project.

The campaign emerged following reports of restrictions and bans on colored tattoos in various countries due to concerns about pigments causing allergic reactions during healing and long-term health issues.

In consideration of its fans, Heinz partnered with Electric Ink to develop a red tattoo ink that prioritized health safety and mirrored the brand's commitment to quality ingredients in its ketchup. Thus, Heinz Tattoo Ink was born, featuring its own red pigment based on its official pantone color and reflecting the brand's quality standards.

Webcore developed the project's website, which not only showcased the campaign and allowed for stencil downloads but also included a registration form for receiving more information, an Instagram filter link, details about tattoo artists, and a Pinterest board featuring project-related tattoo images.


  • Brand Experience Bronze Lion

Bota elas no jogo

Incredibly, until today, it's not possible to select a female soccer player in video games like FIFA or PES. While famous male athletes have been recreated for a long time, female stars have generic names and faces.

With gender equity and representation in mind, Guaraná Antarctica stepped in and launched the #BotaElasNoJogo platform, which facilitates the inclusion of our female athletes' avatars. To help solve bureaucratic processes and put an end to any excuses made by gaming companies, the platform provides various contracts and a ready-made model for anyone else interested in negotiating with the companies, along with avatars featuring different views and details of the players.

Webcore was responsible for developing the website/platform.


  • Bronze Entertainment Lions for Gaming