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Klaus’ Assistants

For the christmas of 2019, Netflix in partnership with agency AKQA came up with a very special project, in which Webcore had the pleasure of contributing with the website development.

The project’s idea was to allow real life people to help Klaus and Jesper, characters of the new Netflix animation, bring the joy of Christmas to underprivileged children.

During the campaign, people could sing up on the website as a volunteer to be Klaus’ assistant. Afterwards they would have a package delivered to their house containing a kit with the materials and instructions to make a customized toy.

Once assembled, painted and ready to go, the toy should be put back in the package and taken to a post office in order to be sent back to Netflix – all free of cost. At the end of the campaign, all of the toys were gifted to kids from the Horizontal Love Foundation (“Fundação Amor Horizontal”).

The project counted with of thousands of people who signed up on the website. Pictures of the Christmas campaign and of people who participated building and customizing the toys can be found on Instagram under the hashtag #AjudantesDoKlaus (“#Klaus’Assistants”)


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