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Amazon Prime Video World

In partnership with Live agency, Webcore developed an amazing and fun game for Amazon Prime Video during CCXP 2020, which for the first time happened in a 100% on-line edition.

Amazon Prime Video World is a “treasure hunt” style game, where the user needs to find 10 easter eggs from 7 different lists, and each one refers to a series of the platform, such as The Boys and American Gods. The final result was a map full of details to make the search even more exciting.

Inside the game, the user can check the names of the objects in a list and also track the time that takes to find them on a timer. And in the end, it’s possible to put the name in a ranking and share it with whoever you want.

The game was available just during the days of the event, but you can take a peek at the images in the gallery below!


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